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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes AYSO different than other youth soccer leagues?
We think there are many answers to this question - read our Six Philosophies page for the full picture - but the two that probably mean the most to our kids and parents are: 1.) We prioritize fun over everything else (well, okay Fun is 1a and Safety is 1b), and 2.) At AYSO, Everyone Plays, meaning every player is guaranteed to play at least half of the game.  These two are the biggest reasons families return to play AYSO year after year.

Are the teams co-ed?
We have separate divisions for boys and girls starting at the 5U and 6U level.  Our Playground division - for 3 year olds - has boys and girls playing together.

Can I request specific teammates or a specific coach?
We try to balance teams as best we can.  Many times we can accomplish this while at the same time honoring requests for friends or classmates to play together on the same team.  In fact, during the pandemic, we have tried to group players by school as much as possible.  There are fields in each player's profile where parents can enter teammate requests or coach requests during the registration process and our division coordinators will look at these requests when forming teams.  For the record, teammate requests and coach requests are never guaranteed, but we will do our best to accommodate - unless and until it becomes an issue with creating balanced teams.

Can I make sure my kids play on the same team?
Yes, siblings that are slotted in the same division are allowed (and encouraged for parents' sanity) to be on the same team.  Parents will need to request it when registering by entering the name of their sibling in the teammate request field.  If siblings are slotted to play in different divisions (ex: 6U & 8U), then feel free to reach out to us about moving the younger player up one division so they can both be on the same team.

Can my child play up a division?
Most likely yes.  Some kids just “get it” sooner than others and end up dominating other players their own age.  We don’t want to hold them back, so we will typically support a child playing “up” one division where skill warrants the move and there are no concerns about player safety.  Our registration system will automatically place kids in a division according to their birth year.  If you wish to discuss moving your child up one division to play against older players, reach out to us to initiate that conversation.  It is important that we know this before teams are created.  Please note that our liability insurance prevents us from playing children “down” an age division. 

When will practice be?  Can I choose what night practice will be?
5U and 6U teams practice for 1/2 hr right before their 1/2 hr of game on Saturday mornings.  Players in 7U, 8U & 10U will have one practice per week for about one hour during a weekday evening.  12U and 14U teams typically practice 1x or 2x per week, for about 1-1.5 hrs each time on weekday evenings.  Coaches select the best evening(s) for practices, then let parents know in their first "kickoff" email.  This is one of the perks of being a coach - selecting your own schedule for practices - so please give that another thought if you already know your evening schedules are busy.

Where are practices and games played?
Practices and games are played at a number of local school fields and township parks.  See the full list here.

How do I register my child to play?
It's simple.  You're already on the right website.  Just go to the top right of this page and click on "Login" or "My Account".  For more details on registering, go here.

I registered for the Fall season.  Do I need to re-register for the Spring season?
>>If you registered for both seasons before the school year started, no, you should be all set.  You can verify by clicking on "Login", then "My Account" at the top of this page, and looking closely at the "programs" listed under your child's name. 
>>If you just registered for the Fall season, then YES, you'll need to re-register for the Spring season separately.  Thankfully, all your information will be saved and with the click of a few buttons, you'll be all set.

What is the AYSO membership fee?
Every school year, AYSO national charges a membership fee of $20.  A portion of this covers backoffice expenses like accounting, legal, national marketing, website expenses, programming, etc.  Some portion of this expense also covers supplemental accident insurance for when your player is on the field.  This expense is only charged once per school year per child, so if you've already paid it in the Fall, you won't need to pay it in the Spring.  Conversely, if your child only plays soccer in the Spring, the $20 will be assessed when you register for the Spring season.

Where do my registration fees go? 
Your base soccer registration fees cover our expenses here in the Ada / Cascade area.  AYSO is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit entity so we charge soccer fees that cover our expenses and nothing else.  Our biggest expenses are uniforms, goals, field rentals, balls, cones & other supplies, coach gear, medals, team photos, coach training, storage rental, field paint, volunteer background checks, etc.

After I pay soccer fees, what else would I need to buy for my child?
Your registration fee includes: complete uniform (jersey, shorts, socks) supplemental accident insurance and a medal and/or team photo.  In addition, you may need to obtain shoes (cleats recommended except for Playground division), shin guards, a soccer ball (6U & 8U: size 3, 10U & 12U: size 4, 14U: size 5) and a water bottle.

What discounts are available?
At the end of every season, we start up our Early Bird registration for the following season.  That is our best pricing of the year.  Early Bird will last until mid-January for the Spring season and usually until the beginning of July for the Fall season.  Families with multiple children registering will benefit from a sibling discount - $10 off for the 2nd player, $15 off for the third player and $20 off for the 4th player.  Scholarships are available for families in need of financial assistance.  A portion of our budget funds this program as a way to provide support to our community.  Please let us know if you would like to learn more about scholarships.  It is a very simple and discrete process to apply and no strings attached. 

I have what happens?
Once you've registered, you will receive an email confirming the registration.  Attached to that email should be a 1-pager titled, "I've registered, now what?" (available above in the Quick Links section.)

Can I get a refund after I've registered?
We get it – life happens and things change. Players withdrawing prior to the close of our normal registration period will be issued a full refund less a $20 AYSO National fee.  Please contact our Registrar if you would like to request a refund.

My child was recently injured.  Can they play soccer this season?
It depends.  If they are stuck with a brace or cast that has plastic or any other hard material, then our insurance won't permit your child to take the field.  In all cases involving an injury, we urge you to talk to your pediatrician and contact us to confirm if it's okay to play.

Is it okay for players to wear jewelry during practice or games?
No.  Jewelry represents a potential hazard on the field when kids are in close contact with each other.  This includes earrings (and no, players cannot just "cover up" earrings with tape.)  Officially, no player will be allowed on the field with any object which the referee may deem as potentially harmful to any other player including but not limited to earrings, necklaces, rings, watches (incl. FitBits), barrettes or other jewelry.

What is our weather policy?
At the first crack of distant thunder or flash of lightning, we will leave the field immediately and take shelter.  We will not re-take the field until 30 minutes has passed since the last thunder.  This is our league-wide policy and is non-negotiable.  As for whether we play in drizzling rain or snow or extreme heat, it is up to the coach to make the best decision for the team.  See our page on Safety for more details.

Do volunteers need to know how to play soccer?
Previous soccer experience is definitely NOT a prerequisite to coach!  Many of our most successful coaches came in with zero soccer experience - they just wanted to do something special with their child and make a difference.  The basics of coaching AYSO soccer are simple and the job of coach is one that is completely manageable as a busy parent.  Check out our Volunteer page for more details.

What training is provided to volunteers?
Every volunteer takes a few hours of online coursework to be certified as a volunteer (on top of a background check).  This includes Safe Haven, AYSO's premiere child & volunteer protection program.  Volunteers also take 'Concussion Awareness' training.  Volunteer Coaches take age-specific training to learn the basics of how to relate to children and get them started with soccer fundamentals.  Here at Region 571, we take great pride in all the other information - most of which is readily available for you to review here on this website - we share with Coaches to make them successful in their role. 

How do I register to volunteer?
Outstanding!  We have a page devoted to that - go here!

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